Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Inspire Some Fast and Furious #FOMO
The girl squad gets racy at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Spotted Together Again
First hand-holding, now grocery shopping—but are they back together?
Hair How-Tos: 3 Tutorials We Love
Because growing your hair out takes forever, cutting it short is a huge commitment, and coloring can be so expensive, here's how to cheat...
You Can Now Shop Kylie Jenner's Closet
The reality star is cleaning out her closet for charity.
Boo: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Will NOT Be Returning for 'Fuller House'
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13 Spiked Lemonades You Need to Make This Summer
We're giving the classic drink an adult twist.
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I Hired a Private Investigator to Track Down My Childhood Crushes
A somewhat-creepy but ultimately rewarding trip down memory lane.
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Stop Talking to Me Like I "Just Have a Headache"
Why I've Decided I'm Not Having Kids
Grown-Up Ghosts: What It's Like to Have...
Why We Need to Stop Calling It "Revenge Porn"
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Donating My Eggs Almost Ruined My Life
The money was too good to pass up—until it destroyed my body.
Nicki Minaj Just Dropped the Video for "The Night Is Still Young" Like It's No Big Deal
Playing this all weekend.
Kim Kardashian and North West Wear Matching Mother-Daughter Moto Jackets
Regina George's 'Mean Girls' Mansion Is on the Market for $14.8 Million
Let's all go in together and buy it, k?
30 Gloriously Awkward Photos of Celebrities at Prom
We'd love to know how they were promposed to...
19 Super Inspiring Celebrity Hairstyles
From bedhead to intricate updos.
Guys, 'The Fifth Element' Is Real: There's a 3D Printer That Applies Your Makeup
The Science of Selfies: Research Shows Which Photo Filters Work Best
Take note, Instagram addicts.
These 6 Apps Are Like Uber for Beauty
Forget a salon. These professionals come to you.
#Flawless Summer Outfit Ideas Courtesy of Beyoncé
This is how it's done.
Watch Emily Blunt, Reese Witherspoon, and Other Celebs Play the Funniest Round of Phone Tree Ever
It gets pretty crazy by the time they make it to Reese Witherspoon.
The Cannes Celebrity Style Everybody's Talking About
White FTW.
Hands-Down Best Thing You'll See Today: Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington Singing 'GoT: The Musical'
"Rastafarian Targaryen." That's all.
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My Religion Says I Can't Use Birth Control, So I Don't—But Is Going to Lengths Like *These* Worth It?
It was this or total abstinence.
15 Awesomely Devastating Celebrity Comebacks That Will Give You Life
These stars ain't got time for your shit today, world.
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Game Over: I Found Literally the Best Mascara Ever
The Marie Claire Guide to Face Oils
I Stole This Concealer Secret from a Makeup...
3 Game-Changing Beauty Brands to Watch out for...
Your Most-Googled Anti-Aging Questions Answered
Like, how do you keep your neck skin tight?
Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Joy Williams' Haunting New Song "What a Good Woman Does"
She gets real about the good—but more importantly, the bad and the ugly.
Turns Out, Cannes Doesn't Have a Rule Against Flats After All
The director of the festival called the rumor "bullshit" before apologizing.
25 Glorious Times Celebrities Let Us See Their Beauty Routines
Like when they decide to dye their underarm hair pink. As you do.
There Are 38 New Emojis Coming Next Year, Including Owls, Avocados, and Bacon
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