Kendall Jenner's Gorgeous New Calvin Klein Ads Are Here
Major model status.
8 Random Reasons You're Breaking Out
It's not all stress and hormones.
The Latest Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Hair Transformations
Hair today, gone tomorrow.
The Surprising Ways Growing Up Poor Has Affected What I Do with My Money
A 20-something's learning of the psychology of wealth.
Cool Fact of the Day: 8,000 Years Ago, Way More Women Than Men Passed Their Genes Down
Take THAT, patriarchy.
The Best Looks from the Last-Ever 'Mad Men' Press Tour
The one silver lining to the beginning of the end (of an era).
This Just In: Amazon Might Be Buying Net-a-Porter
Online shopping addicts, listen up.
If 'Game of Thrones' Were 'The Real Housewives': A Reimagining by Sophie Turner
"Winter may be coming, but I'm still hella hot."
Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal Might Star in Tom Ford and George Clooney's Classy Thriller
Okay, but will someone be wearing that dress with the pasties again?
Rihanna Just Gave Us a First Taste of Her New Single "BBHMM"
Can you guess what that acronym stands for?
'SNL' Alum Nasim Pedrad Will Be Creating and Starring in Her Own Show
Fox is giving the lady some (much-deserved) love.
Sam Taylor-Johnson Has Officially Quit the 'Fifty Shades' Franchise
Pack up your flogger and go.
5 Beauty Hacks You've Never Heard of Before
Peanut shaving cream?
Emilia Clarke Turned Down 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Because of the Nudity
Apparently she was thiiiis close to being Anastasia Steele.
The 10 Best Mascaras Out There
*bat, bat*
Road to Beauty, Day 12: When the Toughest Day Turns Out to Be the Most Beautiful
Follow the five L'équipée women as they travel Brazil on their motorbikes to discover what beauty means around the world.
Food & Cocktails
9 Foods You Can Eat a Ton Of and Not Feel Guilty
Because mindless eating isn't *the best,* but we totally do it anyway.
Elizabeth Banks Took Her Alexander McQueen Shoes from the 'Hunger Games' Set Because Who Wouldn't?
She's also got some scoop about 'Pitch Perfect 2,' so...she kinda has it all.
The New Hollywood It Bag Looks Like a Capri Sun and Costs $1,600
But, like, a really *chic* Capri Sun.
The 2015 Way to Travel on the Cheap
You'll be a jetsetter in no time.
Ugh: Men Make More Money Than Women Even in Nursing
You know, a field that has long been dominated by women.
Health & Fitness
How Your Body Changes When You Switch Birth Control
Think of it like a hormonal hangover.
Thank God: Ivanka Trump Is Redefining the Idea of the "Working Woman"
She's changing everything.
11 Celebs Who Are Way Older Than You Think They Are
We'll have whatever they're having.
"I Do Eyeliner Last Because I Won't Know if My Mascara Smudges": A Blind Woman's Amazing Makeup Routine
She makes it look easy.
'Pretty Woman' Is Going to Be a Musical
From Hollywood Boulevard to the Great White Way.
This Is the Cover of Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Sequel
Call me an ambulance.
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