MC Cheatsheet: Lindsay Lohan Shows Her Contempt for Court

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Lauren: "Lindsay Lohan shows her contempt for court ... with her nail polish. I wonder how it'll play in Cell Block D when she starts her '90-day' prison sentence." [The Marquee Blog]

Sophia: "The tempest over Jon Stewart's mostly-male writing staff continues, with Slate chiming in on Jezebel." [Slate]

Kate: "Like any fan of leggings, I heart '80s comeback stories. Now, it looks like AquaNet, Finesse, and other hair products of decades-past are making their triumphant return!" [StyleList]

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Jihan: "Best news of the day: Law & Order might not be dead after all." [Vulture]

Anna: "Potholes are just one of the many reasons I'm thrilled not to need a car, but now that an art student has turned them into adorable mini-gardens, maybe I should reconsider?" [Lemondrop]

Jessica: "It's apparently Tell the Truth Day! And I've only lied about roughly six of these 15 things you apparently you should never, ever lie about." [The Frisky]

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