Miley Cyrus Like You've Never Seen Her (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus pre-Robin Thicke twerking days.

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Who is this cute "Destiny Cyrus" girl showing off a toothy smile and donning a scrunchie? Nope, she's not a new addition to the Cyrus clan, but Miley when she was a tot. The singer tweeted out a vintage yearbook photo more reminiscent of Hannah Montana than her current Bangerz look with the caption "if that don't tickle your pickle." Below the photo is her birth name, "Destiny" (in a font a la Comic Sans how '90s!). According to the Daily Mail, Miley was named "Destiny" because her parents believed "she was destined for great things". Her parents were pretty spot on, however it's inclear if they ever anticipated twerking, as a concept or a dance move.

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