Let This Iconic Video Serve as a Reminder That Kylie Jenner's Terrified of Butterflies

She's rumored to have named Stormi after the winged insect.


Because life is weird and nothing makes sense, it's suddenly Kardashian canon (sorry, Kanon) that Kylie Jenner is obsessed with butterflies. Not only does the internet think she named her daughter Stormi after the Butterfly Effect (AKA the chaos theory that a butterfly flapping its wings can create a storm), the insect has a special meaning to her and Travis Scott.

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First, there's the necklace he gave her:


Then, there are her butterfly rings:

And finally, there's her butterfly tattoo:

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So basically, she likes butterflies. OR DOES SHE? In hilarious re-discovered footage from Life of Kylie, the beauty mogul is seen completely terrified when she enters some sort of sinister butterfly breeding ground at the zoo.

"It's kind of ironic because I'm terrified...terrified of butterflies. This is how I think of them: Cut the wings off and if you just look at their bodies, it's not that pretty."

God bless this clip for existing on the internet.

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