The Hottest 'Hot Guys' Instagram Doesn't Even Need a Gimmick

They're French! That's it!

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Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, get on this mystery ASAP: There is an underground network of Hot Dudes, and it goes deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. #unearthalltheattractivemen

Mecs Métro Paris, the first major international edition of Hot Dudes Doing Fill-in-the-Blank, doesn't have an activity attached to it—no, all their subjects need to do is exist gorgeously and sometimes take public transportation.

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There is this Alex Pettyfer lookalike (but French):

MIAM !! Bonne semaine à toutes et à tous ! Merci à Élise pour la photo. #MecsMetroParis #Paris #Parisian #boy #sexy #metro

A post shared by Mecs Métro Paris 🇫🇷 (@mecsmetroparis) on

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This one, who would look equally at home here:

This guy who—thank GOD—knows you only sit near the doors when it's not crowded:

Oui oui oui !! #MecsMetroParis #Paris #Parisian #boy #sexy #metro

A post shared by Mecs Métro Paris 🇫🇷 (@mecsmetroparis) on

Oh, they have Abercrombie models too:

😍😍 Juste magnifique 😍😍

A post shared by Mecs Métro Paris 🇫🇷 (@mecsmetroparis) on

He's obviously looking up your heart:

Voici une de vos contributions !! Continuez : :) Bon dimanche ! #MecsMetroParis #Paris #Parisian #boy #sexy #metro

A post shared by Mecs Métro Paris 🇫🇷 (@mecsmetroparis) on

[inappropriate noises]

Bon week-end ! #MecsMetroParis #Paris #Parisian #boy #sexy #metro

A post shared by Mecs Métro Paris 🇫🇷 (@mecsmetroparis) on

There are more than 200 pics to date, so yeah—taking my gap yah now.

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