'Gilmore Girls' Set Pictures Confirm Lorelai's Relationship Status and Rory's Job

It's all happening. Just, all of it.

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Gilmore Girls is in the midst of filming its 4-episode revival for Netflix, and set pictures have finally been released. (!!!!!!!!)

The photos don't give away too many spoilers, but one thing is for certain: Luke and Lorelai are together. Either that or they're bitter exes who wander around the street grinning and holding hands.

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Aside from Luke and Lorelai being couple goals, it appears as though Rory is working as an English teacher (note "Jane Eyre" scrawled on the board behind her). 

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Huh. Being a teacher is one of the most noble professions out there, but it's not exactly what Rory wanted to do with her life. Last time we checked, she was on the campaign trail with Obama and hoping to become the next Christiane Amanpour.

Looks like lots of things are changing in Stars Hollow, but judging by this last photo, Gilmore Girls hasn't lost its charm.

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