Shop Our Shoot: "The Suitcase" Motion Editorial

Ever wish you could jump into the pages of our most luxe fashion spreads and play a little dress-up at The Pierre Hotel? Now you can.

"The Suitcase" — a video short starring model (and New Moon star) Noot Seear and written and directed by Greg Brunkalla — takes the vision behind Marie Claire's fashion pages and bring it to life. In this case, one lucky girl gets to have a romp with a trunkful of clothes.

"It's a whimsical Alice in Wonderland-like tale of a gorgeous girl who takes a trip to New York City and has a fashionable adventure, all beginning when she finds a suitcase in her hotel room at The Pierre," says Zanna Roberts Rassi, Marie Claire's senior fashion editor, who styled the mini-flick. She adds that the hotel's French chateau-inspired architecture, which "looked like it was plucked straight out of a champagne-soaked daydream," made it the ideal setting for the tale.

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From the chunky, floral Elizabeth Cole bracelet to that ruffled MM Couture by Miss Me frock with the leather cinched, Rassi focused on whimsy and styled elaborate evening wear with contrasting rough looks.

"Masses of antique chandelier-like jewelry, killer heels, and bunny ear accessories!" Rassi says. "High meets low. Just as we all like it."

And what makes all this virtual eye candy really fun is that it's all shoppable, from high-end to totally affordable. Just scroll through the products below the video to find all the details of that chic Guess dress (for only $98!) or the floor-length Tibi number or that vintage necklace by Grey Gardens Collections… We could go on all day.

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