Learning to Layer with Damsel in Dior

Damsel in Dior blogger Jacey Duprie knows a thing or two about layering, and more than a thing or two about how to create the perfect fall look. Lucky for us (and for you!), she put together an exclusive fall-inspired photo shoot, and chatted with us about winter coats, mixing prints and patterns, and her new collaboration with jewelry line Gorjana & Griffin.


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    Damsel in Dior blogger Jacey Duprie has a lot going on. She posts daily on her site styling super wearable looks, recently collaborated on a jewelry line with Gorjana & Griffin, and is a spokesperson for Seven Daughters Wine. As part of the Seven Daughter's 'Add a Splash of Color' campaign, Jacey shared some of her favorite fall dressing tips with us.

    And, according to the blogger, fall is her favorite time of year. There a long walks, cosy sweaters, and lots of opportunities to get cozy. "I love to layer, and in fall you can play with scarves, tops, jackets, boots, the possibilites are endless!" she exclaimed to us. But for many of us, trying to piece together a perfectly layered look can be a little difficult. But according to Jacey,"it's all about mixing different prints and patterns in the same colorway."

    Courtesy of Damsel in Dior
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