The 10 Most Fashionable TV Shows of All Time

Whether we watched these shows when we were just ten-years-old or just ten minutes ago, it doesn't matter how much time passes - from the shoulder pads to the plaids, these shows will always go down in fashion history.


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    Sex and the City

    It was the show that captured the lives and styles of four New York women: The Upper East Side primness of Charlotte, Miranda's power-suit prowess, Samantha's sexy hip-hugging dresses and, of course, the first columnist to wear a tutu on the streets of Manhattan, Carrie. From her infamous naked dress that locked in Mr. Big, to the nameplate necklace, to her panache for midriff-baring tops, Carrie's killer closet quickly made her into a fashion icon. And the shoes — who could forget the fabulous footwear addiction that caused Carrie to max-out several credit cards and even got her held up at gunpoint?
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