How Bristol Palin Can Get the Camouflage Wedding of Her Dreams

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The biggest shocker isn't that Bristol Palin — the 19-year-old daughter of former Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin — is engaged to her once-estranged Playgirl-posing baby-daddy Levi Johnston. Oh, no. The most shocking revelation?

They're having a camouflage-inspired wedding!

That's right. Camo. The Alaskan teen mom has said she wants to incorporate the pattern in matching vests for her husband-to-be and their son, Tripp, who will be a ring bearer.

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Although we're far more interested in her walking down the aisle in a classic camo gown, we may have to settle for these hilarious ways — from our friends at Aisle Dash — to incorporate the, um, military trend on her big day. From invites and boutonnieres to rifle-toting cake toppers, these fashion fatigues will definitely add a level of sophistication to the ceremony.

If you happen to like camouflage on any day that's not your wedding, we also scrounged up some fun accessories. Sorry, Levi, no vests.