COS Launches a Pop-Up-Shop In Opening Ceremony!

Everyone's favorite European high-street store has partnered with Opening Ceremony to create a first-ever pop-in-shop; where you can score COS pieces!

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We were more than excited when we heard the news that COS would finally be coming to the States, but now we've got even more to celebrate! Opening Ceremony has partnered with COS to create a shop-in-shop—a unique in store pop-up-shop where a curated selection of COS pieces from the men's and women's fall/winter 2013 collection will be available from October 11th! Coats, tops, dresses, handbags, hats, and a number of other pieces will be available to purchase, and we can't wait to get our hands on them! "We're such huge fans of the COS brand. Whenever we travel overseas, we always make it a point to shop at COS since we haven't been able to get their collection before at home. We're so excited to introduce COS to our shores," said Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony.

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Check out some exclusive pics of the COS collection below, and check out the entire collection on!

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