Here's What Your Going-Out Wardrobe Should *Actually* Consist Of

Boots with the fur, duh. 

It might be French to go "f*ck it," put on some lipstick, and go out in your day clothes, but sometimes always, it's fun to dress up. At this precise moment in time, these are the essentials that should make up the part of your wardrobe marked "Strictly for Nighttime Shenanigans."

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Power Jeans

BRB, stealing this whole look from Anja Rubik, chopping off the bottom 1.5 feet of it because I'm not that tall, and getting liiiiitt. Why do I want to do this? Because the jeans are so good. They could be your day-to-day ones or an extra-premium $$$ pair, but either way, they should fit like a glove.

A Plunging Bodysuit

I promise you: All that fashion tape and the 30 minutes it takes to go to the bathroom will be worth it. Do as the stars do and get yourself one from Misha Collection.

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A Bandeau

Who knew a strip of elasticized fabric could be so versatile? 1) Layer it under an almost-to-the-navel neckline for some modesty, 2) Wear it as a top under a jacket à la Kendall, 3) Use it to keep your hair up when you face your face in the morning! JK, JK.

A Throwback Skirt

Enough time has passed since high school that the denim miniskirt is now ironic. This time around, though, it's certainly not as distressed, nor is it to be paired with black capri-length leggings and flip-flops. In this incarnation, it is only meant to be super-duper sexy.

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A "Remember Me" Jacket

Until it's warm enough out—but even then you might still want to wear one because it's figuratively cool—your jacket is your calling card. An embellished Coach topper, a personalized Topshop bomber, a vintage find embroidered with tigers: It's the first and last thing they'll see, so go HAM.

A (Faux) Fur Stole

Do it! Do it now before the weather turns! Suki Waterhouse has been on a stole, uh, roll lately, probably because nothing says "I'm here to party!!!" like a completely impractical swath of fluffiness. Wear it draped over your shoulders, let it fall near your elbows, tie it sash-style like they did at Brock Collection. So fun.

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