Clements Ribeiro Creates Plus Size Collection with Evans

London fashion brand to watch, Clements Ribeiro, has teamed up with Evans to design a a standout collection for full-figured women. Marie Claire has the US exclusive.


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    Graceful as a Swan

    One of your most famous and celebrated clients is Adele. She even blew away everyone at the Grammy's while wearing one of your stunning frocks. What does Adele mean to you as a fashion icon?
    She is great as a fashion icon because she sticks to her personal style. She loves fashion, but in public, she wants to be her own brand, not a fashion billboard. The fact that she is so gorgeous and comfortable in her own skin — and body — makes her even more of an inspiration than she already is as a singer. Besides, she is the most gorgeous person, and a real joy to work with which is really refreshing and makes the whole process a pleasure, from start to finish.

    What are your do's and dont's when designing for full figures? Do you have any fashion rules?
    There are lots of unwritten rules, but most rules can be broken, with wisdom and design talent!

    Heart Cardi, $64

    Courtesy of Clements Ribeiro
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