Master Class: Tips for Creating Perfect Brows

Spiked at Alexander Wang and softly penciled at Oscar de la Renta, hyperstylized brows dominated the spring runways. For a more street-friendly take, we turned to makeup maven Carmindy's new book, Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Gorgeous Fast! Here, her exclusive tips for shaping your best brows.

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STEP 1: The Tame Game

Before you tweeze, brush the brow hairs straight up with a spooly (mascara-style) brush. Trim any long hairs — or hairs that are growing straight down — with a pair of brow scissors. Have two pairs of tweezers ready: A slant-tipped pair is good for thick hairs; a needle-nose-tipped pair grabs shorter, hard-to-reach ones.

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STEP 2: Great Shapes

Before plucking, use a white eyeliner pencil to draw the desired shape of your brows as a guide. (For steps on finding your natural arch, go to

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STEP 3: Fill 'Er Up

Pick pencils wisely. If you're…
· Blonde, match your darkest brow hairs to add definition.
· Going gray, use a taupe color to avoid dull tones.
· A redhead, go with sable.
· Brunette, choose a color one shade lighter than your hair to soften skin tone.

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STEP 4: Finishing Touches

After filling them in, add definition and shine with a clear brow gel. A light slick of Vaseline also does the trick. To get a fuller, Brooke Shields-esque look, brush the thickest part of your brows, near the inner corner, straight up before applying gel. For extra color, use a tinted brow gel.

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Going Pro

Maintain your arches with a professional shaping every three months. If you have…
· Fine brows: Tweezing provides more control for those with fewer hairs.
· Medium brows: Waxing removes more hair at one time — meaning less pain!
· Heavy brows: Threading is fast and removes thick and thin hairs alike.
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Reduce pain by plucking after hot showers, applying skin-numbing Anbesol, and pulling skin taut to grab hairs at their base as you tweeze.

Prevent post-tweezing trauma and use a brightening concealer to reduce redness.

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