The Hunger Games Hair: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Linda Flowers, the lead hair designer for the hit book-turned-movie reveals how she perfected everything from Katniss' side braid to Effie's Capitol-friendly dye job.


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    Ceasar Flickerman

    One of the most time-consuming tasks for Flowers was getting just the right shade of blue for Ceasar, the official Ryan Seacrest-like MC of the Hunger Games. The blue color of his hair was mentioned in the book, but everyone — including director Gary Ross and costume designer Judianna Makovsky — consulted with Flowers on the final look. And what they came up with was something any fashion fan will recognize: the Karl Lagerfeld ponytail.

    "Gary wanted the height, too, so we photoshopped Stanley Tucci's face with all these different Karl Lagerfeld ponytails," she says. "That was the inspiration." As for color, they tried a lot of looks. "White hair with a blue streak, powder blue, medium blue, royal blue. Dark navy blue looked best on him. It was the darkest. It took us a week to convince him to be that dark."
    Murray Close
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