The Hunger Games Hair: Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Linda Flowers, the lead hair designer for the hit book-turned-movie reveals how she perfected everything from Katniss' side braid to Effie's Capitol-friendly dye job.


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    Effie Trinket

    But Effie — like all the wealthy citizens of the Capitol — got much brighter once she returned home. What Flowers focused on most was that juxtaposition between the contemporary-classic style of the hair and the ultra-modern hues and textures. "We incorporated curly afro hair between finger waves and fuzzy hair that was back-brushed to give an all-around intriguing look," she says. "We wanted viewers to see how strange these people were but we also wanted them to believe it and take it seriously, so it couldn't be out of Star Trek. Everything had to look couture. Like in the real world, these men and women were classic but would sometimes intermix other periods and incorporate different trends into their style."
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