Diana Bruk

Viral Content Editor
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Blue Prosecco Is Set to Be This Summer's Hottest Drink

It's officially a thing and already available in the U.S.

Someone Hung Bananas from Nooses After This College Elected A Black Female Student Body President

Some of the bananas had the words "Harambe" written on them in black marker.

Blake Lively Just Expertly Trolled Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

Pretty sure she learned this from Chrissy Teigen.

Justin Trudeau Dressed as a Firefighter Is Here to Save Your Life

There are not enough 🔥 emojis for these photos.

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The 16 Funniest Tweets About This Year's White House Easter Egg Roll

"The Donnie Darko sequel has taken an unexpected turn."

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Lena Headey Opens Up About Her Struggle with Depression and Anxiety

"Magic happens when you are vulnerable and truthful and HUMAN."

Joe Biden Just Shared a Powerful PSA on Sexual Consent

"The correct word for sex without consent is rape. Period."

Why This Photo from Russia's Anti-Government Protest Is Now a Symbol for the Youth Movement

Thousands of young people showed up to protest the Russian government in an unauthorized rally on Sunday.

Chris Pratt Is on a Strict Diet and It's Making Him Go Insane, Naturally

The chronicles of "What's My Snack" are both hilarious and relatable.

Model Born with "Cat Eye Syndrome" Stars in Stunning High-Fashion Photo Shoot

"This collaboration has been the most beautiful whirlwind of my life."

Important: Joe Biden Has Revealed His Favorite Obama-Biden Meme

His choice will make you miss them even more 💔.