Beyoncé Launches an Awesome Nail Art Collaboration

Inspired by her music videos.

Whether she's rocking talon nails or nail art, Beyoncé's manicure game is always on (well duh, it is Beyoncé). This morning she managed to step it up a notch with the surprise online launch (naturally) of a selection of nail wraps in collaboration with the beauty company NCLA and her manicurist, Lisa Logan.

The collection includes four wraps all inspired by Queen Bey. You've got your pick: "I Woke Up Like This" plaid wraps based off of the patterns in her "Flawless" video; rainbow-esque "Je Ne Sais Quoi" wraps inspired by the neon signs in the "Blow" video; "No Rest in the Kingdom" jewel-toned mosaics paired with a fishtail pattern in honor of her Tom Ford VMA Vanguard performance bodysuit; and a black and white nail set emblazoned with the "I Come With a Side of Trouble" lyrics.

All four nail wraps are all available for $18 at, and all four wraps are fierce.

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