Why Perfume Is Actually One of the Best Holiday Gifts

Two beauty directors on choosing the perfect fragrance for someone else.

One can never have too many beauty products, so giving them as gifts is almost always a winning idea. Perfume, in particular, is a perfect choice to show your mom, sister, or best friend that: 1) yes, you know her taste, and 2) you really put thought into her present.

Because it can be tricky to figure out the exact fragrance that's “so her,” Marie Claire Beauty Director Maya Allen and Cosmopolitan Beauty Director Carly Cardellino recently swapped tips for picking out the right scent for someone else. Right now, they're both loving Coach Floral (opens in new tab) for its versatility and because, as Carly says, it “hits all the categories—citrus, fresh, and woody.”

Check out the video above to hear Maya's thought process when choosing a fragrance, and then try Coach Floral for yourself (in addition to the one you give away, of course). After all, Maya says, “It's such an easy way to make everyone feel special.”

Maya McDowell is an Assistant Editor at HearstMade.