MC Cheatsheet: A (Free!) New Diet Craze & Speidi's Painfully Slow Descent

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Kate: "Screw the maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The new magic elixir to lose weight is (drum roll, please) water." Economist

Sophia: "The slo-mo implosion of Speidi (that's Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag) continues... Somehow this is less entertaining without Audrina, Kristin, and Lo's antics distracting from the scary." The Frisky

Anna: "Important: Cynthia Rowley is now designing Band-Aids. You laugh, but they are adorable, and she's donating part of the proceeds to an organization that helps students work on design and architecture projects that help their communities. Look cuter in blister-inducing slingbacks and give back!" Racked

Katie: "Jessica Stam's new collection for Rachel Roy will have you singing 'I Want It Now,' Veruca Salt-style. Trust me, I've seen it firsthand in all its cool-girl-chic glory." Styleite

Erin: "Oh hai bebe kittah adopted bye cute monkeh! (Obviously, you have to click through now.)" Guardian

Koryn: "Lawmakers are now drafting regulations to protect us from discrimination based on our social networking pages. So posting your dirty laundry on the Internet is no longer a choice, it's a right?" NPR

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