Beauty Designer Dossier: Christopher Bailey

Celebrating a decade at the creative helm of Burberry, the designer unveils the perfume counterpoint to the iconic trench.

christopher bailey
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Celebrating a decade at the creative helm of Burberry, the designer unveils the perfume counterpoint to the iconic trench.
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christopher bailey
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Smells Like Burberry

For Christopher Bailey, creating a fragrance goes beyond fashioning something that just smells good. "No matter what you're designing, you always have to have the same three elements," he explains. "It needs to touch you on an emotional level — you know, sing to you; it has to look beautiful; and it has to be functional." He would know: In addition to directing the design of 60 clothing and accessories collections (Burberry Prorsum, Sport, and Brit, to name a few), Bailey oversees the brand's architecture (the stores, the spectacular-yet-understated London HQ) and progressive digital concepts. Here, Bailey gives us a glimpse of what inspires him — for his new scent and beyond.

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model in trench
Courtesy of Designer
The Perfume

"With Burberry Body [Eau de Parfum Intense, $115], I wanted to develop a signature scent that epitomizes the brand. It's like the trenchcoat. It represents the core of everything we do, the Britishness — when the historic and classic clash with the rebellious and artistic."

Trench, Bailey favorite from '06.

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Muckle/Studio D
Smells Like...

"It's sexy, smoky, sultry through notes like sandalwood, musk, and amber. It's also delicate and feminine — think English rose and iris."

Luminous Fluid Base in Fresh Glow, $48.

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Muckle/Studio D
The Bottle
"It's a jewellike piece of glass. I wanted it to be nude and feel like the body — kind of like it's wrapped in a trenchcoat. The box even has a sueded finish."
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rosie huntington-whiteley
Courtesy of Designer
The Body

"Roise Huntington-Whiteley epitomizes Body in many respects. She's a sexy, strong, confident woman, but when you get to know her, there's this really soft, girly, fun side that's disarming. She's so comfortable with who she is."

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burberry headquarters
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Listening to Now...

"Misty Miller, Life in Film; I just did something on Burberry Acoustic with Keane in Beijing. The Feeling will be the soundtrack to the Body campaign. All the music I use is British."

Burberry's London headquarters.

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trench coat
Muckle/Studio D
Luxury Is...

"Inclusivity. I hate the word exclusive. I don't find it defines modern or luxury or special. I would much rather people feel comfortable and invited."

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bailey on set
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Smells Like Burberry

"I'm lucky that I can play with all the worlds that excite me."

On set with Bailey and Huntington-Whiteley.

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