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Most Wanted Beauty Awards

How do you click, swipe, shop, and find inspiration? In our 2014 reader survey, more than 20,000 of you told us whatand whoruns the beauty world
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How do you click, swipe, shop, and find inspiration? In our 2014 reader survey, more than 20,000 of you told us what—and who—runs the beauty world
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Best New Product Of The Year: Maybelline New York Baby Lips Dr. Rescue
Thirty-four percent of you kiss chapped lips good-bye with this addition to the hugely popular Baby Lips line: a tinted balm with a touch of cooling menthol. "All the shades are cute, and the hydration really lasts." —Gaby Oshiro, 38, Colorado Springs, CO $5 each; maybelline.com
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Seriously Addictive Subscription Service: Ipsy
Ipsy.com—the Michelle Phan–founded company that sends you $10-a-month Glam Bags filled with products that suit your preferences and personality—squeezed out a win over runner-up Birchbox. "It's a great value because almost all of the products you get are full size." —Tammy Lowe, 35, Norwich, NY
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Best Beauty App: Makeup Genius
A third of your votes went to L'Oréal Paris' supercool app that applies virtual makeup to any face appearing in your phone's camera, a trick that lets you try out looks as you talk, turn your head, and pose (again and again) for selfies. "I love that it's free and works instantly, so you can try on different makeup without a hassle. I even learned how to do a smoky eye with the app's how-to videos." —Emily Kremens, 21, Wynnewood, PA
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Favorite Nail Blog: Nailed It
Twenty-six-year-old Boulder, Colorado, blogger Katy Parsons won your approval (and 31 percent of your votes) with her cheery mix of nail-art tutorials, incredibly accurate polish swatches, and manicure tips. "There are so many blogs that have great photos, but no guide for replicating the looks. With Nailed It, you can't go wrong because there are how-tos and step-by-step guides." —Elaine Looper, 29, Boise, ID
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Must-Read Beauty Site: PopSugar Beauty
Thirty-four percent of you get beauty news from bellasugar.com, which features hundreds of product reviews and how-to videos—and always manages to publish pictures of celebrities with their new haircuts before anyone else. "The tips on this site are so helpful. Based on a suggestion in one of their posts, I finally found a sunscreen that doesn't make me break out." —Patricia Cobb, 32, Chariton, IA
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In-Demand Video Personality: Fleur De Force
With her "haul" videos and popular how-tos (a clip-in hair extensions tutorial has 2.6 million views and counting), adorable British vlogger Fleur De Force racked up 37 percent of your votes. "She knows so much about products, and her suggestions are always on point. Plus, she has such a positive personality, and her excitement is contagious." —Akemi Kurokawa, 29, Boston
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Most Amazing E-Commerce Experience: Sephora
Can you say landslide? Superbly stocked, easily searchable sephora.com dominated its category with more than 12,000 votes. "Even though they have tons of options, the site is laid out so it never seems overwhelming. And their membership card has great perks." —Sara Shapiro, 22, New York City
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Coolest New Beauty Gadget Of The Year: Clarisonic Pedi
What's that buzzing sound in the bathroom? Probably the whir of this sonic-frequency, foot-softening callus smoother that garnered 35 percent of your votes."I'm a runner, so happy feet are a must. It's great to be able to get a salon-worthy pedicure at home." —Brooke Pouliotte, 37, Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID $200; clarisonic.com
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Classic Fragrance That Never Gets Old: Chanel No. 5
Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham, and more than 7,500 of you can't get enough of this floral that's powdery and spicy—an intoxicating combo. "You have to love that Marilyn Monroe helped make it legendary." —Bilal Farooq, 22, Ottawa, Canada $125; sephora.com
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You Most Want To Smell Like: Katy Perry
You can't exactly call the singer a dark horse, considering the popularity of her fragrances. "Katy's scents are sweet, but not overpoweringly so. They're like her: beautiful and feminine, but there's also this fierce and empowering side." —Kayla Pavlicevich, 21, Los Gatos, CA $49; macys.com
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Top Brand For Bargains: NYX
Just a few bucks gets you a whole lot of makeup with this line that makes primers, makeup-setting sprays, and everything that goes in between. No wonder more than 6,500 of you voted for it. "With NYX, you get good quality without a ridiculous price. I use their Wonder Pencil, the Jumbo Eye Pencils, and the Butter Gloss." —Emily Towler, 23, Oklahoma City $5; ulta.com
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Most Socially Responsible Beauty Company: Burt's Bees
By making natural products and supporting sustainable agriculture and projects that promote honeybee health, Burt's Bees took home its second Most Wanted Award (and 45 percent of your votes). "I feel good about buying from Burt's Bees—I probably go through one of their lip balms a month." —Nikke Bird, 28, Bakersfield, CA $9; amazon.com
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Most Splurge-Worthy Brand: Lancôme
Could it be the French heritage and chic packaging? Or is it the decadent scents, on-trend colors, and cutting-edge skincare? Let's just say it's a je ne sais quoi that won this brand 32 percent of votes. "There are other luxe brands with skincare that feels good, but with Lancôme, I not only feel a difference, I see results." —Gabi Guest, 20, Midlothian, TX $400; lancome.com
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Product You'd Take To A Desert Island: Lip Balm
Whether it comes in a tin, stick, tube, or jar, you're addicted to this makeup bag staple that handily beat runner-up moisturizer, taking 36 percent of the votes. "I probably go through about six lip balms a year—it's such a quick fix for making cracked, flaky lips look hydrated and healthy again." —Grace Nasr, 20, Cave Creek, AZ 1. L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Balm in Pink Satin, $8; ulta.com 2. BareMinerals Jack of All Trades Lip Balm, $12, bareminerals.com 3. Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Lip Service, $25, nordstrom.com 4. Smith's Rosebud Salve, $6, sephora.com
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Celebrity Who Epitomizes Beauty in 2014: Lupita Nyong'o
The Oscar winner (and a Marie Claire May cover model) dominated the red carpet and took home 26 percent of this hotly contested category, in which Selena Gomez, Shailene Woodley, and Iggy Azalea also had strong showings. "She seems beautiful inside and out. The outfits she chooses for events are unexpected but just utter perfection." —Allison Kim, 27, Long Island City, NY
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Model Of The Year: Kate Upton
Yes, 2014 was the year this gorgeous, fun-loving model signed a Bobbi Brown beauty contract and starred in her first movie (The Other Woman), but she should be even more excited about winning 44 percent of your votes. "Kate is down-to-earth and seems like she'd be a lot of fun to hang out with. I also love that she's a curvy model, which is awesome to see." —Rosalie Mayo, 34, Sacramento, CA
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