6 Celebrity Hairstyles You'll Never Want to Try

Hey, we fully support you if you want a new hairdo! But these looks? Let's keep them in the past.

1. Neve Campbell: The Frankenstein

The horror flick star's freaky style is making our hair stand on end, too.


2. Calista Flockhart: The Perm

Ladies, crimped hair is never the answer! This is why.


3. Gwen Stefani: The Bunhead

We're fans of the topknot, but two tiny buns? And let's not even discuss the Kool-Aid blue color.


4. Jodie Foster: The Beauty Queen

There's nothing wrong with a little volume, but the actress's hair was teased more than Honey Boo Boo's locks on pageant day.


5. Christina Aguilera: The Medusa

Coiled braids with pops of turquoise are a scary sight, even on this gorgeous singer.


6. Cyndi Lauper: The Rebel

We know she just wants to have fun, but the shocking red shade and uneven cut are too much for even the most daring of us.

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