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11 Wedding-Worthy Hair Accessories You'll Want to Wear Year-Round

Bridal bliss is within reach.
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So you might not sport a veil more than once, but welcome to the world of hair cuffs, clips, and crowns.
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Where to Begin?
As a bride-to-be you are overwhelmed with possibilities on how to style your hair for your big day. Do you want an up-do, long beach waves, a simple chignon? Maybe an on-trend braided look could be nice. But brides often neglect one crucial part: to accessorize that gorgeous coif with a piece that draws attention yet doesn't steal the show. Hair accessories can bring your look to the next level, but selecting them can be tricky. The key is to choose something that will complement your overall aesthetic, not compete with it. So no matter what type of bride you are, here are a few tips on how to top off your day-of look. Pictured above: Flora Vine, Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart Margot Bookspan is a MarieClaire.com contributor and the author of the blog BeautyBells.com.
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The Boho Bride
Relaxed romantic is easily captured when it looks like you grabbed some wildflowers and adorned them into a chic little halo to top off your tousled beach waves or waterfall braid. Hair Vine, $550, Twigs and Honey
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The Boho Bride
Feeling more French bohemian than flower child? No problem. Try a vintage-inspired bridal cap, which will give you a polished look that still oozes personality. Bridal Cap, $350, Twigs and Honey
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The Regal Bride
Nothing says royal like a tiara, and if there is one day you get free reign – it's on your wedding. With the Duchess of Cambridge leading the way, tiaras are back with a vengeance. While they look great with any hairstyle, placement of the tiara is key, about an inch to inch and half back from your hairline. With correct placement, a tiara will frame the face and can balance out your features. Golden Leaf Tiara, $425, Jennifer Behr
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The Regal Bride
Bring a chiseled look to rounded features by selecting a tiara with some height to elongate the face. Oval or longer shaped faces should opt for a tiara that extends over the head with little to no height to fill out a narrow visage. Crystal Studded Tiara, $525, Erica Elizabeth Designs
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The Trend-Setting Bride
While you want to make a statement on your big day, remember that you'll have these pictures forever. Go for a vintage favorite like a birdcage or blusher veil. Organza Flower Birdcage Veil, $200, Preston and Olivia
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The Trend-Setting Bride
If you're not the veil type, try adding a feather-adorned comb to your 'do. Feathered Fascinator, $135, LoBoheme
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The Trend-Setting Bride
Enhance an already-trendy look by dropping hairpins into a full-volume messy updo or fishtail braid. The little pops of sparkle will add dimension to your plait and heighten the sophistication factor. Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Hair Pins, (set of 3) $175, Nina
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The Glam Bride
You're going for showstopper and there is more than one way to pull it off. A cathedral veil makes a statement as the floor-length number trails behind you, creating an angelic glow as you float down the aisle. Cathedral Veil, $115, nordstrom.com
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The Glam Bride
Once the ceremony is over, adorn your sophisticated chignon with an oversized comb bringing drama to your 'do. Danielle Pins, $295; Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart Photo by Laura Gordon
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The Traditionalist Bride
For the classic bride looking for a fairytale wedding, opt for a fingertip veil. Beautiful with hair pulled back or left flowing, a fingertip veil adds the classic romantic touch a traditional bride is seeking. Want a little something extra? Go for a veil with a scalloped lace edge or adorned with pearls. Fingertip Veil, $680, BHLDN
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