Hairstyles That Hide Flaws

Maximize your look
debra messing
Steve Granitz
debra messing
Steve Granitz
Debra Messing
Prominent nose: Spray your roots with volumizer, then lightly tease the hair at your crown to draw the eye upward — and balance your features.
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sarah jessica parker
Jim Spellman
Sarah Jessica Parker
Long face: Experiment with graduated layers that start at your cheekbones and long, side-swept bangs to both shorten and widen your face.
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ivanka trump
Duffy-Marie Arnoult
Ivanka Trump
Full cheeks: Skip a chin-length bob — which only accentuates roundness — and opt for a longer, layered style to elongate and slim your face.
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Jordan Strauss
Small eyes: Invest in mousse, Velcro rollers, or a blow-dryer — whatever it takes to achieve bigger hair and visually broaden your face and eyes.
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