Eliminating Facial Hair

How do I get rid of facial hair?

 Facial hair can be an embarrassing problem for many women, but it's fairly easy to deal with. One reliable option is electrolysis, which is an efficient way to permanently get rid of facial hair, says New York City electrolysis expert Maria Tency Rivas.

Electrolysis should be performed by a trained and certified esthetician. It involves inserting into the hair follicle a fine probe (needle), which delivers a short-wave electrical current for a split second. This kills the root and stops the follicle from producing any more hair. Then, the hair that is already there is removed with a tweezer, leaving an empty follicle.

Most people need multiple treatments. It often takes 6-12 sessions -- more than 3 months to a year -- to get rid of all the hair permanently. The positive side is that the treatments leave no scarring if done by a certified professional, cause little to no pain and are quick: You can have the treatments done on your lunch hour.

For a speedy at-home hair-removal option, try a depilatory cream, which is an inexpensive, painless way to defuzz. The only drawback is that the results last only a week or two. Try: Nair Cream Hair Remover for Face.

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