The Breakdown: Harry Josh Blowdryer

Check out the stats of this Harry Josh Blowdryer.

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2,000 The average number of hours the motor will last. (Motors in typical consumer blowdryers last about 500 hours.)

COLD SHOT Usually this button simply turns the heat off. But on Josh's dryer, it triggers an emission of cooled air that sets styles so they last longer.

60% The amount of energy this dryer saves compared with a traditional dryer, thanks to a dual filtration system.

3 MILLION The number of ions released per second when the function is turned on. "The ions smooth hair and reduce frizz," says Josh. "If you want to build more volume, it's better to keep the function turned off."


The airspeed of this dryer designed by stylist Harry Josh.

HARRY JOSH PRO TOOLS Dryer 2000, $300;

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