Beauty Street Style: The Coolest Hair and Makeup at Firefly Music Festival 2017

Or, "Wow, It Is Possible to Look Cute When It's Boiling Out."

Mengwen Cao

Your top priority when you're at a festival with questionable shower access, buckets of sweat (not entirely your own), and thunderstorms on the horizon? Definitely not your hair and makeup. Yet these 12 uber-women at Firefly Music Festival still managed to do it up with glitter and plaits aplenty. See the weekend's best beauty street style ahead.

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Spotted at the braid tent (yes, there was one): Kelsey's bun mohawk, styled from a pink dye job that magically faded to purple. 

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Play against type and shake up a summer-goth aesthetic with a printed trophy headband. (Keep the dark lip, though.) 

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An intricate maze of pink braids, as seen on Rozes, a Marie Claire favorite

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This artist told us her teal eye makeup was a nod to her Native American heritage. 

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Nadica switched it up especially for Firefly, trading in her usual box braids for sparkly French ones. 

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Glitter > under-eye concealer.

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Dreads and curls on Sofia, featuring a single soap bubble.

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Would you believe this impressive rainbow dye job was learned from a YouTube tutorial? Neither could we. 

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We spotted Gabriela's hand-painted daisies, strong brows, and buzzcut from a mile away. 

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What better way to amplify a great smile than a glitter lip? 

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As seen before MUNA, this bookseller's blue victory rolls, red lip, and upgraded festival-standard bandana. 

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Liberal denim shadow and a bleached crop on Julia of Sunflower Bean. 

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