Get Perfect Skin for Your Big Day

MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, on getting great skin for a big event.
woman looking at her skin in the mirror
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woman looking at her skin in the mirror
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Two Months to Go
Tame big issues now, while there's time for multiple treatments. Acne-prone? Get an oral antibiotic prescription or line up a laser treatment like Isolaz ($300 to $500 per session, four to five sessions). Super-sweaty? Consider Botox for underarms, palms, and the soles of your feet ($1,500 to $2,000); insurance might even help cover it. If you have tiny eye or forehead lines, try "baby Botox," a mini dose, to soften them ($200 to $700).
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One Month to Go
Using a new product: fake lashes, self-tanner? Test it now. It's easy to break out, especially with added stress, by irritating your skin with something new. For lingering acne, scarring, or post-breakout pigmentation, try a chemical peel, or microdermabrasion for dull skin.
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One Week to Go
Brides always think they look thinner tan, but there's no quicker way to age yourself. If you want to be bronzed, get a salon spray tan — somewhere you've tried and liked — which starts a deeper hue, fades nicely, and won't dry out your skin. A professional tan should go on smooth; use acetone to clean up your palms and nails. I always get a light chemical peel the week before an event. Now's also a great time for a final microdermabrasion session or facial.
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One Day to Go
Avoid anything that makes you anxious! It could show up as a pimple or line. For a last-minute zit, get a shot of triamcinolone, an anti-inflammatory steroid ($100 to $200). Sleep for eight hours tonight to brighten eyes and give your face a pink flush. Can't nod off? Pop a sleeping pill you've tried before — a prescription, Benadryl, or Tylenol PM. Melatonin's good, too (some women get a Benadryl "hangover").
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The Day Of
Eat some protein in the morning and take a walk to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. I don't love hydrocortisone cream on the face — too strong — but in emergencies, it soothes redness. See a new wrinkle? Flex your face and relax — you might be unconsciously tensing. Stockpile cotton balls and cleanser for tonight; before bed, moisturize to replace the natural oils stripped by extra makeup.
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