Solange to the World: Put Down Your Blotting Papers, Pick Up a Matte Lipstick

And just let your skin do its thing.

Solange Knowles
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

For a woman with such a clear-cut fashion M.O. (color-blocking or monochrome (opens in new tab), strong shapes, coolness out the wazoo), Solange never ceases to subtly switch up her beauty game. Take her look at last night's Kiehl's even-timelier-than-anticipated (opens in new tab) Pride Week celebration:

Solange Knowles

(Image credit: Getty)

We've seen her wear similar orange-red lips in the past, but 1) do you ever get tired of it? and 2) this is *actually* a departure from the times before. (This would be the part where I crack my knuckles if I didn't think that was gross and if I could, you know, crack my knuckles at all.)

First, the skin, which looks bare and dewy but might have been patted with something thin and BB-creamy that comes in a fun cushion compact (opens in new tab). "Powdery" isn't a word that would make the top 57,362,423 adjectives to describe Solange, but here, she's gone more natural than ever, embracing the sort of summery sheen no mere blotting paper can tamp down. (Except maybe those gold-threaded ones geishas used (opens in new tab), but that's beside the point.) Then, of course, we've got the lush matte lips—the one and only "done" element that suddenly makes the entire face evening appropriate.

Throw in a less defined eye than we've seen in the past, combed-through brows, and soft, cumulus-cloud curls, and you've got...Solange at her Solange-iest. *sigh* Results are not guaranteed, but a tube of Lime Crime in Red Velvet (opens in new tab) certainly couldn't hurt.

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