Emma Stone Whips Out Aquamarine Eyeliner and a Secret Braid, Wins at Life


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No one seems to have gotten anything *that* juicy/Andrew Garfield-related out of Emma Stone at Thursday's LA premiere of Irrational Man, but that they got her to talk about how her mom doesn't really think she's a great actress is quite enough—because if it had been us, we would have wasted our whole time slot staring at her hair and makeup.

And how could you blame us when it looked like this?

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The updo, which rivals Amber Heard's superlative fishtail crown in intricacy, involves a tucked-under French braid on one side and a half-hidden knot you probably need some sailing experience to accomplish on the other.

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Luckily, that twinkly little slash of blue-green at her outer corner can be yours in no time, as long as you've got the right liner and this reference pic, which shows you the exact V-shape her MUA drew on.

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See why we're calling it eye jewelry now? The best part about *this* accessory, though, is that unlike something from Chanel Haute Joaillerie, you can "borrow" it any time you like—sans armed guard.

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