Solange Knowles Makes a *Compelling* Case for Orange Eyeshadow

Orange is the new black.

They say three's a trend, but when Cara Delevingne and Solange Knowles rock the very same out-of-the-box beauty look, we're already booking it to Sephora.

Last week, Delevingne attended a Paper Towns premiere wearing anultra-striking burnt-orange eyeshadow, which we concluded was not too *runway* and wearable as it erred on the side of copper versus an unsavory red. Still, if it's still a little much, you can look to Knowles' softer, yet still impactful take on the citrus shade.

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Recently at an event for Kiehl's in London, she slicked on a smattering of slightly effervescent, glossy orange pigment that complemented the Barbara Casasola Spring 2015 sporty orange crop top and bronze pleated plissé skirt she was working the hell out of. Unlike Delevingne's super-matte application, it was just the right amount of sheer and shiny for real life.

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Rounding out her beauty look, Knowles' lips were painted a soft pink and her signature fluffy black hair was tied back into an easy ponytail. Like Rihanna's bouncy curls and bright fuschia pout, her look proved that big-hair-don't-care texture and rainbow-bright eyes, lips, or both combination is just what the doctor ordered this summer.

Moral of the story? Toss the hot tools and dig up your Urban Decay Electric Palette ($49).

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