Just Try to Guess Kylie Jenner's New Year's Resolution

Or don't, because you won't get it right.

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In case you ever become famous, just remember the rule of opposites: To stay relevant, all you need to do is the opposite of whatever you did to establish yourself. Then, after a suitable amount of time has elapsed, do the opposite of that. Kylie Jenner's applying that maxim to her notoriously involved beauty routine (gah), and we're talking about it, so it's working?

"I kind of want to tone it down," she said in a video posted on her website. "I feel like in 2016, everyone's on the natural wave, at least me and my friends. I just want to take my nails off, no hair, no makeup. It's too much to maintain sometimes. It's hard being a girl."

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BUT she'll still keep her hand in, at least in the entrepreneurial side: "[I want a] successful makeup line. I'm really feeling like this is my thing. And I have more colors coming out, hopefully at the end of January or the beginning of February."

And this is the part where her glam squad sighs in relief.

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