Kylie Jenner Will Do Anything to Document Her Haircut on Snapchat, Including Risking Her Stylist's Safety

Step by step by step by step.

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It just wouldn't be a Kardashian kut or kolor without press, so Kylie Jenner's recent, amputate-my-thumb-long Snapchat saga is just like skipping a step or 75.

Citing Christine Centenera's asymmetrical lob as inspiration, Jen Atkin snipped and razored the beauty mogul's ends as her client regaled the room with a spirited rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner," moved her head around (putting Atkin's fingers at risk), and eventually demanded to have the length brought up even higher. At least you get to see a master stylist at work? And Kylie seems to be getting over her hair phobia.

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