North West Is Elsa from 'Frozen' Thanks to Jen Atkin's Magical Hair Powers

Does this make Kanye West Olaf, or?

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When she isn't getting her #YesOuai (opens in new tab) on, Jen Atkin can typically be found styling the Kardashian family's hair. It's a big job considering Kris Jenner has an actual army of children, and on top of working with Khloé, Kylie, and Kim, Jen has now been tasked with styling North West. (You might recognize North from her work as creative consultant (opens in new tab) on The Life of Pablo.)

While North is pretty busy being a high-fashion ballerina (opens in new tab), she made time in her schedule to dress up as Elsa from Frozen—which obviously involved Method acting (read: full glam from Jen Atkin).

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Elsa typically wears her hair in a side braid as opposed to a high bun, but whatever. It's North's world, and frankly we're just a bunch of Olafs living in it.  

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