You're Not Physically Prepared to See What 100 Layers of Lipstick Looks Like

This is not how you keep your 💄💯 .

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Another day, another 99 layers of makeup (opens in new tab) the internet did not need. Just kidding, we're kind of coming around to this new, weirdly-mesmerizing trend and have been counting down the days till it reached the most challenging canvas of all: the lips.

That's right. Not one, but two beauty vloggers have layered on 100 coats of lipstick and the results are nothing short of do not try this at home.

Test Drive #1

Vlogger Mayra (opens in new tab) used 50 liquid lipsticks, applying each one twice, to rack up her 100 layers of pigment and put simply, it's a HOT MESS. We're talking a cracked, crusty orange and purple ombré lip situation that you cannot unsee. (We've tried).

Test Drive #2

Fellow vlogger Lily Melrose (opens in new tab), who credits 100+ coats of nail polish (opens in new tab) as her inspo, also took a stab at it. She also took the liquid lipstick route, painting on a variety of hues including pinky nude, dark violet, royal blue, and coral layers on top of each other.

The end result? A paint-brush-water-can brown lip that probably qualifies for an episode of Botched.

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