The Search for a New Sexy Scent

A new man in my life calls for a new date night fragrance.

For me, a new man in my life calls for a new date night fragrance. After all, there's a powerful link between scent and memory—and I for one could do without a scentual reminder of sensual moments with the ex when I'm out with my new guy.

Before heading to Sephora for some liberal spray-testing, I logged on to Marie Claire's Fragrance Finder—as much as I like sampling scents, I also wanted to cut down on my risk of perfume overdose by coming up with a list of perfumes to try.

My list of sexy scents so far? The crisp, citrusy DKNY's Be Delicious from the Flirty Date Night collection for a night on the town and the spicy, exotic Fairytales by Lulu Guinness from the Dreamy Romantic collection for a night in.

I also couldn't resist looking up

Flashback Perfumes for my old favorite, Ex''tion. Oh, to be young and in love in the '90's. I wore this one on my very first date, spraying on enough for my perfume to outlast the entire relationship.

If you need a little help, take the Fragrance Finder quiz for your perfume personality—my results were recommended the favorite I've been wearing daily for years!