7 Stars with Dark Roots to Make You Feel Better About Skipping Your Hair Appointment

Dodging your colorist is in.
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To book the hair color appointment...or to wait a few weeks? It's a question we all toil with on a practically daily basis—but oh, what is this? Celebrities...in front of cameras...with visible roots? This makes it OK for the rest of us, right? Here, 7 reasons to start dodging your colorist.
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Drew Barrymore
The days of monochrome hair are long behind Barrymore, who's been taking a the-more-root-the-better approach to her wavy strands for years. Are they the secret to her enviable free-spirited disposition? If so, we're in.
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Miley Cyrus
Cyrus has sported 50 shades of bleach blonde over the years, but our favorite iteration had a chunk of root, which kept her from looking washed-out.
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Sarah Jessica Parker
We trust SJP with our lives, and considering she's the reigning dark-roots devotee, no one inspires us to take a break from the peroxide more. We love the way her nearly-black roots add even more shade to her bronde.
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Rita Ora
Ora's always apt to get peroxide-happy, but her dark arches look way more fierce when her platinum hair has some dark chocolate roots to match.
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Blake Lively
Lively may have let her roots go because she was pregnant, but we have a sneaking suspicion that she's in no hurry to get to the hair salon. Her look is very California-girl-goes-Northeast-for-winter-and-turns-all-of-the-heads.
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A bob may give you a daring root-to-colored-hair ratio, but if anyone's going to inspire you to let your roots go and to chop off your length, it's Bey.
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Jessica Alba
Those who want to ease into the overt roots trend, this one's for you. Alba displays a trick we once learned from a hairstylist: If you've got slightly more root than you're proud of, style your hair with a side part.  It looks less drastic!
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