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7 Reasons to Steal Your Boyfriend's Beauty Routine

His stuff is your stuff anyway, right?
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His stuff is your stuff anyway, right?
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Mustache Wax = Great Eyebrow Gel
Does your man have a beard or 'stache? Use his wax to groom your eyebrows into place and give them some serious definition. You know what they say: Bold brows equal a great face. Beardbrand mustache wax full collection, $20; beardbrand.com
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His Shaving Cream Is Better Than Yours
This hydrating cream is perfect for great-looking legs, is formulated for a super-close shave, and has a scent that beats the same ol' flowers or peaches or whatever the hell we're working with these days. Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Pro-Moisture Shave Cream, $7; drugstore.com
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That Neutral Conditioner Works as Makeup Remover
It's not only great for those strands, but conditioner also works as makeup remover in a pinch. Just place some on a cotton ball and swab away. (This one's free of parabens and is natural.) Hanz de Fuko natural conditioner, $16; hanzdefuko.com
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His After Shave Can Soothe Your Legs, Too
Why isn't after shave for women a thing? In any case, calm your irritated skin and razor bumps with this invigorating version. Imperial Bergamot After Shave, $12; imperialbarberproducts.com
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His Face Wash Goes Deeper
A deep-cleansing face wash is a little too hardcore for you to use as your daily, but every now and then a serious scrub is just what the derm ordered. Men's Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash, $22; kiehls.com
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He Has a Leg Up on Dealing with Razor Nicks
This little stick is a lifesaver for all kinds of little nicks and cuts. He'll use it for his face, you'll use it for your legs...and knees...and ankles. Basically, wherever a blade goes. Just wet the tip and cover the nicked area. It might sting a little, but it's great at quickly stopping blood flow. Who need bandaids? Unscented Alum Styptic Pen, $12; theartofhsaving.com
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Eye Drops Are a Bizarrely Great Acne Cure
Not only does this work for bloodshot eyes (hello, no sleep ever), but if you wake up with what could very possibly be a second head forming on your face and you're caught without your normal acne arsenal, fish around for some eye drops. They work to reduce redness and inflammation by restricting the blood vessels, just like in eyes. Moisten a cotton ball with a couple drops of this and hold on the offending blemish. Visine Original, $7; drugstore.com
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