Don't Fight It: 7 Hairstyles Made Better by Frizz

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Stand down, industrial-strength hairspray. Gone are the days of relying on epoxy (errrr, tons of product) any time the humidity rises above 51 percent: These styles harness amped-up volume and irregular texture—both very good things—and make them work for you. #freethefrizz
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The On-Purpose Flyaway Bun
Cheer up, Cora Emmanuel. You look hot and not in a sweaty, summery way. If your hair's not cooperating even after you've stuck it in a bun, just emphasize the frizz halo even more by running your palm over the front section. (Though you'll want to wear a polished outfit for contrast. Perhaps something 3.1 Phillip Lim?)
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The Screen Siren
In a perfect world, all brushed-out curls would end up looking like Bottega Veneta. But even if *your* frizz more closely resembles Mia Thermopolis's, you can do this: Just make a deep side part, applying product to that section only, pin, and fluff.
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The Modified French Twist
A French twist never looked so effortless. Here, Rihanna piled her curls on top of her head, leaving the ends natural.
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The Topknot
Felicity who? Keri Russell wrapped her curls up into a cute topknot, leaving those crucial by-the-ear tendrils loose.
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