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You Can't Call Yourself a '90s Kid If These Pics Don't Make You Dig Out Your Butterfly Clips


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Trust the Danes to take a patently uncool relic from your childhood and make it so urgently covetable that you call your mom to make her unearth the contents of your Caboodles. That's right—scrunchies, butterfly clips, and those Velcro-back jewels are making a comeback, and this is how you might wear them...as soon as Mom comes through with that overnight shipping.

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Picture here: a tangle of clips and flower-topped elastics, kind of resembling the treasure trove of accessories you had as a kid but lost appreciation for until now, when an unbelievably chic designer is like, "Remember when?" 



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On a person's head, you can see how this particular style tribe is cultivating a madcap, Ab Fab aesthetic. It's all a big game of "which thing doesn't belong," with a throwback clip or barrette lightening up a rich-old-lady-as-worn-as-by-a-PYT outfit. 

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Make it rain bby 💎

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Detour for those Velcro-backed jewels that looked so cool for 2 minutes before they slid down and out, only to be lost forever. But what a legendary 2 minutes. Detour from the detour: Anybody else missing those other jewels mounted on metal spirals you twisted into your hair? Do want.


September sol 🍂

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Claw clip sighting, which is kind of nice, because this could be the superior hair-putting-up instrument. No more weird bends from elastics. No more crawling around your room looking for bobby pins. Plus, a claw clip falls solidly under the cool Eileen Fisher mom vibe of the moment. 

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Vores allesammens ynglings Evs er flyttet hjemmefra 🌟

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@sakspotts 💘

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Caroline Brasch would be the one to sell us on peplum tops.

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A post shared by Caroline Brasch😎 (@caroline_brasch) on

Scrunchies and their naked-but-embellished brethren: best as part of a Pebbles Flintstone look. 

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