Leslie Jones Was Adorably Nervous About Taking Selfies with Beyoncé and Jay Z at the 'SNL' After-Party

Fair, Leslie. Fair.


Despite meeting different celebrities every week, the comedic geniuses on Saturday Night Live still get starstruck. If you need proof, just ask Leslie Jones, who live-tweeted her very relatable nervousness about hanging out (and snapping selfies) with musical guest Jay Z and his kind of, sort of famous wife, Beyoncé.

Jones' Twitter account is almost funnier than SNL itself, and she naturally documented her after-party awkwardness for all to see.

First, she got a pic with Queen Bey herself:

Then, she posed with Jay:

And this isn't even the first time Jones has met the power couple. She also got a picture with them back in 2016.

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Just proof that every time you meet Beyoncé is like your first time meeting Beyoncé, at least in terms of all-encompassing nervousness.

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