Here's Taylor Swift Throwing Hilarious Shade at Her Old Outfits

She gave a pretty sarcastic video tour of the costumes in "Look What You Made Me Do."

Taylor Swift has gifted the world yet another behind the scenes look at her "Look What You Made Me Do" video—this time taking us on a tour of her costumes. Which, as you probably recall, are all former outfits that she's worn in other incarnations of her career. (Though reminder, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now, 'cause she's dead.)

In the video above, a super-sarcastic and LOL-inspiring Swift pokes fun at her old looks, and gives a walking tour of her closet for the video shoot. "This is BMI Awards when I bleached my hair," she quips. "That was a fun"

But naturally, as with all Taylor Swift videos, the best moment comes when she talks about her cats.



Taylor Swift Reputation Live

(Image credit: John Shearer/LP5 )

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