Beyoncé Wore Five Different Lil' Kim Halloween Costumes

Halloween isn't over until Yonce says it is.

Earlier this week, leaked photos of Beyoncé and JAY-Z on Halloween weekend revealed that the couple dressed up as Lil' Kim and The Notorious B.I.G. for Kelly Rowland's costume party. Fans of the Carters applauded their looks, but it turns out, that wasn't the end of the Halloween celebrations—Beyoncé had four more costumes, all dedicated to Lil' Kim.

The singer just shared a full look at all of her ensembles on her website in a post titled "Halloween 2017: Lil' Kim Appreciation." (Who cares if it's November 3rd, it's still Halloween as long as Yoncé says it is.) Bey also paid tribute to her predecessor in music royalty with the message, "Hip-hop would not be the same without our original Queen B."

Let's take a look at all of Beyoncé's looks, shall we?

Missy Elliott's "The Rain" Music Video (1997)

This is the outfit we saw Bey wearing for Rowland's Halloween bash. She had every single piece of the look: the Chanel suspenders, the white button-down, the sunglasses, the chain belt, the red pants, and even Lil' Kim's mole.

Here's the rapper's original look in the 1997 video:

Meanwhile, JAY-Z channeled Biggie's iconic red leather jacket look with sunglasses, a white tee, chains, and a cane.

Next came all of the Halloween costumes we didn't see.

Manhattan File Magazine Cover (2001)

Bey donned a teal wig (bangs, dyed Chanel logo, and all) in the style of Lil' Kim's cover shoot in Manhattan File magazine in 2001. She also wore the perfect necklace, plunging white tee, body-hugging jeans, and metallic cuff bracelet. Yoncé even put in light blue contacts that matched her hair. She got the '00s lip-liner trend just right, too.

Today's Black Woman Magazine (2000)

One of Bey's more luxe costumes was this one, inspired by a Lil' Kim's cover shoot in Today's Black Woman Magazine, photographed by Michael Thompson. She draped a royal blue fur coat over a bright blue silk slip, and swapped out the icy Chanel wig for a honey blonde crop. She kept those teal contacts too.

Queen Bey tackled Lil' Kim's red carpet outfits, too. This shimmery, sheer catsuit look was the perfect look for the singer. She even had the fur lining and the platinum blonde wig down.

It was identical to the rapper's original:

Lil Kim

(Image credit: Getty Images)

No Way Out Tour (1997)

Last but not least came this bold, lime green look from Lil' Kim's No Way Out Tour. Just as she did with the four previous looks, Beyoncé nailed this one perfectly, with the neon fur coat and two piece, matching pumps, chain Chanel belt, fishnet bodysuit, and green goggles.

Beyonce wearing a Lil Kim outfit for Halloween

(Image credit:

And here's Lil' Kim wearing the ensemble, 20 years ago:

Lil Kim

(Image credit: Getty Images)

We'll be sitting here drooling over these looks until next Halloween.

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