Miley Cyrus Just Slammed People Who Said She Looked Pregnant in This Instagram Picture



Miley Cyrus just celebrated her 25th birthday and, in preparation, she posted an adorable Instagram picture of herself standing in front of a wall of Miley balloons.

Since Miley's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, the singer enjoyed a double celebration, complete with lots of Tofurky (because she's vegan). Unfortunately, some people on the internet looked at Miley's baggy gray shirt and started making some serious assumptions—specifically that she was pregnant.

Not every woman who wears loose clothing is hiding a "baby bump" though. Sometimes, they're just wearing comfy clothes because it's a holiday (or in Miley's case, a double holiday) and they want to indulge in some delicious food and feel comfortable.

Spoiler: Miley was the latter.

She took to Twitter to shut down the pregnancy rumors in the most Miley of ways:

Rude indeed.

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