Prince Harry Whisked Meghan Markle Away to the French Riviera, How's Your Day Going?

And they flew economy like normals.

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While the rest of us were ringing in the new year like mere commoners (read: breaking all our resolutions within minutes of midnight), Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose to dash off for a quick jaunt to the French Riviera. Casual!

The pair reportedly flew out of Heathrow on New Year's Eve and headed straight for Nice to join friends and ring in 2018. Amusingly, they took an economy flight and chose to sit next to the bathrooms at the very back of the plane, where they (and their bodyguards) took up three rows and Harry "apparently slumped down next to the window in jeans and baseball cap."

Harry and Meghan celebrate Christmas with the royal family.
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Harry and Meghan reportedly boarded the plain early to avoid making a scene, and were greeted by some "heavily armed officers from the French border police." The couple will stay in France for just a few days before returning to England—presumably to keep planning their wedding/plucking at our heartstrings.

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