Kylie Jenner Wears Physics-Defying Plunging Neckline, Uses Surprising Trick to Keep It in Place

Not...quite...what we were expecting.
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Kylie's taking more pages out of Kim's book. The reality star wowed in a revealing, sheer black dress at the opening of Sugar Factory in Miami on Friday. She let one leg peek through while walking the red carpet, but her thigh-high slit was overshadowed by that seriously plunging neckline—and how she kept it in check.

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What's her beauty secret for how to successfully rock such a cleavage-baring number? "There's a lot of duct tape under this dress holding these suckers up," she said on Instagram. Not exactly what we were expecting.

The 17-year-old even took to Snapchat to offer behind-the-scenes proof and address some, ahem, pesky recent rumors.

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