Pregnant Kylie Jenner Is Having *Tons* of Emotions About Her Pregnancy

For one, she's "anxious."

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All evidence points to Kylie Jenner being pregnant with her first child (there's some major evidence hidden right there in her pout, apparently), and while the star herself has yet to confirm that she's expecting, she's reportedly due in February. Which is a huge deal for anyone, but especially someone in the public eye who hasn't had kids before and is only twenty.

So, how is Kylie feeling about motherhood? Excited and anxious, apparently.

Kylie is reportedly still in a relationship with Travis Scott (the father of her child) though there has been plenty of speculation about their status—especially after he spent New Year's Eve away from his pregnant girlfriend. That said, Scott was recently spotted shopping in Los Angeles, so will presumably stay close to Kylie's side during these last weeks of her pregnancy.


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