Watch Mariah Carey Superfan Anne Hathaway Completely Lose Her Sh*t in Front of Mariah Carey

Her freakout, in stages.

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Anne Hathaway, an actress who has kept her cool alongside legends Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep, proved last night that no amount of experience can truly prepare you for sharing a red carpet with Mariah Carey. Anne was being interviewed when Carey arrived, and the Associated Press captured every moment of the freakout that followed:

The stages, in summary: 

1) Anne is in shock: "She's two arm lengths away from me."

2) Anne becomes inarticulate: "It's just the best glamorous ever. That's not even a sentence. There's no grammar there."

3) Anne ditches any last efforts to stay focused: "She's now an arm length away. No, no, no, it's fine. I'm going to meet her when the time's right."

4) Anne full-on gushes about Carey and her fave songs. Because let's be real, no interview can continue with that amazingness right over your shoulder.

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