Fans Predicted Kylie Jenner's Baby Name and It's Actually Insane

Are these people wizards, y/n?

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You know how Kylie Jenner casually named her baby Stormi (opens in new tab)? Yeah, no one saw that coming. Except these people, who—out of all the random, potentially weather-related names out there in the universe—accurately predicted what the beauty mogul would call her first child.

First of all, a Twitter user with the name "potato w eyes" (inspiring) mused:

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But then there's Breanne Durbin, who claimed Kylie would name her baby Stormi (well, fine, Stormy) all the way back in early January. Note: she "thought of it during a storm (opens in new tab)."

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Meanwhile, another fan responded "It’s Stormie << GET UR FACTS IN ORDER," almost accurately guessing at the unusual spelling.

Honestly, applause is in order:

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